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Welcome to

The Red Mystic


About me:
My love of astrology has allowed me to embrace my mystic. Studying with Debra Silverman and Suzanne Gerber, I have learned to use practical tools to help my clients have a better understanding of their gifts and challenges. I want to share this passion with you and lead you through a journey of your chart. With optimism and intuition, I will help put the cosmic pieces together to support you in understanding yourself on a deeper level.

Why Astrology:
Get to know yourself in a more compassionate way.  Using your chart, you can acknowledge and become more aware of your gifts and challenges. This awareness will help allow you to embrace all that you are.  The planets are powerful tools to navigate your unique life story.


The Experience

"My reading with Abby helped me to do something I'd never done before - deeply understand the archetypes behind my birth chart in a way that brought me to a revelation about myself and where I can focus my energy on a deeply personal level that was very easy to understand. It was incredible, empowering and so positive. I highly recommend it."
Dana Claudat @ thetaoofdana

If you are looking for a fabulous astrology reading - book a reading with @abbytheredmystic. She's fantastic! You'll learn so much about your chart. I highly recommend.


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